Friday, August 2, 2013


Here are a few quotes I have recently come across that I thought were worth passing along:

From an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, Rigo 23 comments on the status of status in our society: “…progress and going toward the future cannot only be measured by the size of your cell phone.”

From an interview by writer Iman Ansari, published in Hamshahri Architecture in Iran, Peter Eisenman laments the loss of hand drawing in architecture: “I cannot read a book on a Kindle.To me, drawing and reading are the same thing. I can’t read on the computer. Anytime someone draws something in the computer, I want it printed so I can draw over it either with tracing paper on it or without it. You cannot make a plan in the computer by connecting dots. You have to think about a diagram or what it is you are doing. You have to think in drawing. I watch people in this office sitting and looking at these things on their screen as they roll them around in space, and I think to myself,what the hell are they doing? It’s nuts. It’s totally wacko.”

From an article in the New York Times about a cadre of new movies, including “The Great Gatsby”, “The Bling Ring”, and “Spring Breakers”, talking about Gatsby: “The contradictory answer supplied by the movie is that he thought he was just like everybody else: exceptional, a winner, a V.I.P. The idea that everyone can have everything may be logically preposterous, but it is ideologically essential to the imagination of a country that seems to be living simultaneously in the Great Depression and the Gilded Age.”

From an article in the New York Times regarding the ongoing negotiations between England and Argentina regarding the status of the Falkland Islands, and Britain’s suggestion that the Argentinian Foreign Minister meet with a representative of the island population: “I need to meet with the Foreign Minister. Kings meet with Kings, and Queens meet with Queens. Usually that is the way it works.”